Thumbprint Guestbooks Far More Unique than Traditional Guestbooks

Unique Thumbprint Guestbooks You’ll Want to Display

Imbue your guestbook with an authentic feel that reflects your personalities as a couple with a unique and artistic through a thumbprint guestbook. With this growing trend, your guests literally leave an impression with their fingerprints on paper of this watercolor guestbook. Not only will your thumbprint guestbook be a fun addition to your wedding, this work of art will also be a keepsake to adorn your walls for years to come. Alongside your wedding photos, your hand-painted guestbook will help you savor the memories of your wedding.


Custom Thumbprint Guestbooks

I am always amazed at the creative ideas my clients come to me with for their thumbprint guestbooks. I love making couples’ visions a reality through watercolor. Many of my clients have found watercolor to be a classy way to bring a fun (perhaps even funky) idea to a wedding, because the watercolor medium instantly makes the idea more authentic, elegant and beyond the everyday.

Hand-painted thumbprint guestbooks are also a great keepsake long past the wedding. Unlike traditional guestbooks, thumbprint guestbooks aren’t stored away in a memory box. They are framed and hung on the wall in your home to be viewed by your guests, your family and you as a couple. The framed thumbprint guestbook is profoundly meaningful and engenders reminiscence because your guests leave their impression on the couple’s path.

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