Whether you choose a signature design from the Hand-Painted Weddings shop or you choose a completely custom design, you will work directly with Allison / the artist from start to finish. If you purchase a signature design from the shop, I will customize your text with hand-painted calligraphy. If you chose a custom design, I personalize every aspect, from helping you refine your ideas through printing your one-of-a-kind creations. You can learn more about the steps in the custom design process below.





If you are interested in a Hand-Painted Weddings paper product and want to know what the pricing is, contact me using this contact form and provide information on what custom product you are interested in, your inspiration, and your estimated quantity. I will then email you your custom pricing and deposit information.


Once you choose to have a Hand-Painted wedding, we will discuss your inspiration and narrow down some ideas for your wedding paper. Many of my clients have a clear vision for what they want, which I am happy to produce. I also have a lot of experience assisting people in refining exactly what they would like to see for their invitations and other wedding paper products. This is a fun period of discovery and creativity! At this time, you will send me the text you want on your project.


Once we have refined your ideas, I sketch out a couple of layouts and share them with you to ensure I reflect your vision. At that time, you will select one layout to design.


Paint brushes out! This is the step where I create your beautiful custom watercolor painting, which is the centerpiece of your wedding paper design.


Once the paint has dried, I scan it into my computer programs and design the typography to fit with the artwork. I explore a couple of font options to share with you.


I email you a pdf of your design(s) and we work together to ensure there are no further edits.


Once approved, I prepare your artwork for print at one of the state-of-the-art U.S.-based professional printers, who I have worked with for the last 2 years, to print your high quality project on watercolor paper, bringing it back to its watercolor roots.


If your custom project is a custom invitation, we work together on addressing the envelopes addressing to make sure your guests’ first impression of your wedding is truly memorable. I also offer services for stuffing, stamping and mailing your invitations or I can mail the prepared invitations to you directly, saving you time and effort so you can concentrate on other aspects of wedding planning.

And voila! A fulfilling, simple experience with an artist to create your own custom Hand-Painted Weddings project!